Friday, 25 September 2009

hmm. well. what would shakira make of this. and indeed, do we care

i don't mention my friends here, because i don't feel it's really my place to. only about two of them know that this blog exists, so were i to be yammering on carrie style about who did what to thingy in whahoojima and why, it would be a little distasteful. i don't talk about my friends behind their backs, and writing about them here definitely counts as "talking".

but it depends, i suppose, upon the parameters, doesn't it. the context. and with that in mind, let's talk about... yeah. vampires.

my friends are, without exception, feisty ladies. they might strike you as the quiet girl, the friendly girl, the married lady, the professional powerhouse, the teen mum, the society grand dame, the butter wouldn't melt martial artist... and to say that we merely have fondness for wine and, like, shoes in common does us disservice. you know how this works. you know who you click with. you know who skitters just outside your circle, those who you talk to every day, maintain a friendly and/or professional rapport with, but you know you could never find yourself saying, to this person, say, in context, the words "anal monkey bartering" at 3am after 23 units of alcohol, a 20 minute giggling fit, 45 minutes of introspective tearfulness and two tubes of chillicheese pringles. you have to go with your gut there.

we're a mixed bunch, but somehow cohesive. i might even go so far as to say that we, each of us, dabble in feminism... but i would probably have to chair a three day summit in order to define where exactly our particular branch of feminism lies, to explore the roots of it. is it nurtured? is it reactionary? why are we waxing? which do we hate more- the patriachy or grazia?

but there seems to be one common chink in the armour of our righteous sense of fairytale averse scepticism, however. and that would be twilight, the perennial guilty secret.

i'm the only one on team jacob. and more anon.



  1. dammit. Now I have to rent Twilight. Don't tell me you've read them all.

  2. it is almost endearingly lame. lame-out-loud. i've flinched, groaned, shouted and cried my way through all four books, twice. i don't rule out reading them again. it's bad. it's so bad. you need to know what you're getting into.

    if you do rent it, one of two things will happen. you will either be utterly outraged, or you will have to buy all of the books and go a little bit wierd. please don't hate me either way.

  3. you know my carrie has kids things was just about you loving fashion.

    FYI they are making a new movie. i saw this photo in a magazine (i read them in supermarkets and still get to feel like I am above reading the crap-I was a slave to heat then they made fun of harvey and I stopped) anyway this photo, oh I just found the photo and it is a flash back, ok that makes sense, so never mind! wow it took me ages to find it. Hey wanna go to the movies and see it together? We are only like what, well according to google maps I can walk to you in three day and 7 hours. Hmm.

    twilight, I have a bloggy friend who is obsessed.

    as long as I can stalk tim (2 fucking weeks tomorrow!!!!!!!!!) then whatever makes you happy.

    Oh my god I need to lose 4 stone in two weeks. lol. God I hate being fat. I watched the satc movie with ed a few nights ago. First time he had seen it, was amusing to see him watch with such intensity :) all i said was "look she is so skinny" you know I am gonna stop writing in case I encourage anyone.

  4. 1. i know hun, i wasn't even thinking of the carrie comment.

    2. speaking of which, the SATC film is kind of designed to make you feel bad about yourself. god, i hate it. carrie loses all self awareness and goes bridezilla, the women start bodysnarking eachother, and there is hardly any of charlotte's husband. big is disgusting but at least he's rational, i understood steve, and just generally wtf. incidentally, i never met a straight man that found carrie attractive, and that is not me being mean to sarah jessica parker who i'm sure is lovely but jesus.

    3. as a commited member of team jacob, i am so excited about new moon i disgust myself.

    4. you don't need to lose 4 stone. you just need to go and buy yourself some perfume that follows you about like a good mood. i don't think tim is shallow.

  5. re 4: can I eat it? ps my partner s also not shallow, however i don't want him to not be shallow cos I am fat, if that makes sense? I want him to not be shallow but to have a skinny girlfriend too :) Gah, I wish I knew I was thin when I was, I thought I was fat at 71/2 stone (I was 12). I think the Tim thing is just, I have held off from meeing bloggy friends as I would rather them not see me, see I don't go out, at all. Now I am going to see my obsession, really close up. Gah.

  6. best thing you could possibly do for yourself, sweetcheeks!